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A Note From Our CEO: Affirm and Shopify Expand Shop Pay Installments Across the U.S.

“Today, we are taking a big step forward to expand the reach of our mission by making Shop Pay Installments, exclusively powered by Affirm, available to all eligible Shopify merchants in the United States.  We are thrilled to support these hundreds of thousands of unique merchants by providing access to unparalleled technology that can help grow their businesses. One in four merchants that used Shop Pay Installments during its early access saw 50% higher average order volume compared to other payment methods.  Shop Pay Installments doesn’t just enable merchants to provide buyers with a more flexible and transparent way to pay, but it also provides unparalleled speed and ease of integration. Unlike other buy now, pay later solutions, Shop Pay Installments avoids sending buyers offsite to complete their purchase. Merchants saw 28% fewer abandoned carts through Shop Pay Installments after switching from a third-party buy now, pay later solution.”