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Infinicept Launches Infiniport, Enabling “Bring Your Own Processor” for Embedded Payments

“Infinicept, a leading provider of embedded payments software, today announced the launch of  Infiniport, a single, open payment operations capability enabling clients to interface with any processor or alternative payment rail they choose. With Infiniport, payment facilitators, payments companies, and software platforms with embedded payments can now “bring their own processor” (BYOP) to their payments and business initiatives. Enabling orchestration between processing platforms is critical for organizations that require multiple payment processing relationships. Until now, companies that wanted a modern embedded payments experience had an all-or-nothing choice. Using one provider meant higher fees and being locked into that technology. Alternatively, companies could build embedded payments themselves. Now with Infinicept’s universal platform, customers can achieve the modern experience and work with their choice of payment processors, gateways, terminal providers, token solutions, and other industry participants.”