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Pix is Now Second Payment Type in e-Commerce (Brazil)

“The use of Pix in Brazil’s major online stores has again reached an all-time high level, and now the instant-payment system created by the Central Bank shares with boleto, a banking bar-coded bill for cash payments, the second position among the most available payment methods in e-commerce, according to Gmattos’s most recent payment study. The analysis shows that credit cards remain at the top of the ranking, but there have been important changes, with fewer sellers willing to offer 12 interest-free installment plans. In July, 78% of the analyzed stores offered the option of payment via Pix, compared with 16.9% in early 2021, when the survey was first conducted. The percentage is the same when boletos are analyzed. Credit cards are accepted by 98.3% of retailers. The study considered 59 online stores, which account for 85% of e-commerce in the country.”