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Understanding The Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Payments

“Brands are just beginning to scratch the surface with conversational commerce, and the integration of AI will expand capabilities and increase automation. AI technology is currently used via chatbots to converse with shoppers, providing relevant content and suggestions and collecting valuable information. These smart chatbots elevate customer service and automate things on the back end, […]
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Citi Partners with Feedzai to Provide Machine Learning Payment Solutions

“Citi’s Treasury and Trade Solutions has entered into a strategic partnership with Feedzai, a leader in Artificial intelligence (AI) for real-time risk management across banking and commerce. Citi will be integrating Feedzai’s transaction monitoring platform powered by advanced machine learning technology, into its own proprietary services and platforms to provide clients with enhanced control and […]


Bank of America Delivers First Widely Available AI–Driven Virtual Financial Assistant

“Bank of America is rolling out the first widely available AI-driven virtual assistant of its kind in financial services, Erica, to its 25 million mobile clients. This latest innovation reflects the bank’s continued investment in digital capabilities as part of its high-tech, high-touch client experience, including the Digital Mortgage Experience, mobile car shopping tool, Merrill Edge Guided Investing, and Business […]


Citi® Payment Outlier Detection Launches in 90 Countries

“Citi’s Payment Outlier Detection solution has launched in 90 countries. Created by Citi’s Treasury and Trade Solutions business, it uses advanced analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to help proactively identify outlier payments — payments that do not conform to clients’ past patterns of payment activity – and allows clients to review and […]