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Hong Kong Looks to Expand Cross-Border Tests of Digital Yuan

“Hong Kong is in talks with China to expand cross-border testing of the digital yuan after the first phase proceeded smoothly, another step toward wider adoption of the currency. The Hong Kong Monetary Authority recently conducted tests with the Digital Currency Institute of the People’s Bank of China, involving a bank designated by the mainland […]
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Unseen Digital Cash Will Stretch Your Money

“Away from the cryptocurrency craze, important changes are taking place in how financial institutions move funds. Unlike the upcoming digital yuan or the keenly awaited Britcoin and FedCoin , a wholesale version of electronic cash might never show up in retail consumers’ wallets. But these invisible blockchain tokens could still turbocharge our everyday money: by making it move faster and stretching its worth.      Used […]
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Central Bank of Bahrain, Bank ABC and J.P. Morgan Announce Digital Currency Settlement Collaboration | CBB

“As part of the CBB’s vision to improve the customer experience for safe and efficient settlement solutions, CBB is collaborating with J P Morgan and Bank ABC in a pilot scheme to introduce instantaneous cross border payment solution leveraging state of the art technology and digital currency. Bank ABC along with J.P. Morgan will pilot […]