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Anti-Fraud Specialist Ethoca Rolls out a Tripartite Defense Against E-Commerce Chargebacks

“The rising problem of e-commerce fraud and related issues like false declines is prompting anti-fraud software companies to roll out solutions. On Thursday, Ethoca Inc. launched a new service with three lines of defense that the Toronto-based company says can potentially eliminate 90% of e-commerce chargebacks. Ethoca’s Integrated Solution Suite includes its established product, Ethoca Alerts, along with […]


How Tweaks to Visa’s Chargeback Program Are Expected To Speed Up Resolutions

“Visa Inc. is altering its chargeback-resolution program to condense the reason codes into four categories, amend the time to resolve a disputed transaction, and make other changes. According to data on a Chase Paymentech site, the changes are set to go into effect April 15 because the card brand wants to migrate from a “litigation-based model to a liability-assignment […]
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Updates to the Visa Chargeback and Fraud Monitoring Programs

“Since restructuring in 2016, Visa’s chargeback and fraud programs have undergone some changes, and we recently learned that further changes will become effective October 1, 2019. Our goals here are to outline these new changes and to provide a singular resource for all your Visa program-related needs. Please bear in mind that Visa’s chargeback and […]