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Amazon Go competitor Standard Cognition raises $40 million to expand its cashierless store solution

“The space’s startups have been mostly retailer-agnostic so far, and it’s no wonder why — brick-and-mortar space is expensive. San Francisco-based Standard Cognition this summer announced a partnership with Paltac in Japan that will see its autonomous checkout solution deployed in 3,000 stores, along with unnamed retailers in North America and Europe — and it’s impressed investors […]
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Three Paths To Cashierless Retailing: Amazon, Nike And Saturn

“Cashierless stores are moving even further into the retail mainstream. In addition to Amazon, which reportedly has started testing its Amazon Go techin larger store formats, Nike has implemented a barcode-based solution at its New York City flagship store and German electronics retailer Saturn is deploying mobile self-checkout at its largest store in Hamburg. All three solutions seek to eliminate checkout friction […]

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Zippin Launches Next Generation Checkout-Free Technology Enabling Retailers to Quickly Deploy Frictionless Shopping

“Consumers in the U.S. waste almost 37 billion hours a year standing in line, and a significant portion of that is spent waiting in retail checkout lines. Zippin’s patent-pending approach uses AI, machine learning, and visual cognition technology, to create the best consumer experience: banishing checkout lines and self-scanners, and letting shoppers zip in and […]