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Banks Unlikely To Process Payments With Distributed Ledgers For Now, Says Ripple

“Banks are unlikely to use distributed ledgers to process cross-border payments for now because of scalability and privacy issues, according to Ripple, one of the most prominent startups developing the technology. “I will concede, we haven’t gotten there yet,” Ripple’s chief cryptographer David Schwartz said in an interview. Banks have been vocal about taking steps […]


Why Blockchain Could Revolutionise Trade Finance Documentation

“These processes suffer greatly from built-in inefficiencies and it is not surprising at all that escrow payments, trade finance and processing and document store have all been identified as potentially benefitting from the application of blockchain. Fuelled by smart contracts to mediate payments, goods delivery and shipment updates, an new solution is being crafted by the […]
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Why Blockchain Will Survive, Even If Bitcoin Doesn’t

“Take logistics. Already, 1.1 million items sold or on sale at Walmart are on a blockchain—including chicken and almond milk—helping the company trace their journey from manufacturer to store shelf. Global shipping giant Maersk uses the same technology from IBM to track shipping containers, making it faster and easier to transfer them and get them through customs.”


Blockchain Proof Of Concept Completed By SWIFT

“The PoC sought to answer a number of questions surrounding DLT: whether the technology, combined with SWIFT assets, would meet industry-level governance, security and data privacy requirements; whether DLT could bring concrete benefits over other architectures; and to check the technology’s current level of maturity to serve as a production-grade application within a mission-critical global […]