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Instacart Shoppers Are Organizing a Nationwide Protest

“Instacart has long been at odds with its shoppers — the people who go to the grocery store on behalf of customers. From November 3-5, thousands of Instacart shoppers plan to protest with three demands. They want Instacart to change the default tip amount to at least 10%, ditch the service fee and commit to […]

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Joust Launches A Fresh New Banking App for Freelancers & Self Employed Workers

“This morning, Joust — the nation’s first all-inclusive banking app for freelancers and the self-employed — launched a new mobile app with a modern, intuitive design, and several key features which round out its original beta app. Based on customer feedback, these new features include an analytical dashboard, Joust Visa debit card management, invoice creation/payments, […]