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How Robots and Drones Will Change Retail Forever

“We are in the early days of what might be called the “physical cloud,” an e-commerce ecosystem that functions like the internet itself. Netflix caches the movies you stream at a data center physically close to you; Amazon is building warehouse after warehouse to store goods closer to consumers. And the storage systems at those […]
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Target rolls out mobile checkout scanning technology amid holiday push

“Target announced new efforts to boost its omnichannel presence during the holiday season with a new mobile checkout called “Skip the Line.” Target said employees, armed with handheld scanners, will be able to check out credit and debit card purchases inside the shopping cart or basket from anywhere in the store, according to a spokesman. […]


Retailers Are Testing Facebook-Style Shopper Profiles to Battle Amazon

“Jessica Ferro recently ordered $200 worth of makeup from Sephora’s online app—and then waited a month for it to arrive. Despite conversations with multiple customer-service agents, the shipment had gone to her old address in Joliet, Illinois. She didn’t yell or document her experience on Yelp or Twitter.  Ferro, 34, did what came naturally: She took her business elsewhere—to Wander […]
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COMMENTARY: For Merchants, Much Has Been Accomplished, Much Is Yet To Be Done

“The Great Recession strengthened merchant resolve to do something about the cost of payments. For the first time, merchants collaborated to bring their arguments to Washington, and they prevailed as a result of the public’s displeasure with banks and the general feeling that something needed to be done to control banks’ excessive market power and […]

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7-Eleven Gets ‘Smart’ with New Digital Payment Offerings

“For many smartphone users, shopping at 7-Eleven stores will just got even faster and more convenient with the touch of their smartphone or smartwatch. 7-Eleven, Inc. – the largest chain in the convenience retailing industry – now accepts Apple Pay, which is transforming mobile payments with an easy, secure and private way to pay, and Google Pay […]