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Instacart is thinking about a self-checkout system, patent reveals

“Instacart is a service that does your grocery shopping for you, delivering it to your door. The patent details a mobile application and online concierge service that would allow shoppers to make purchases on behalf of customers, thereby bypassing the checkout line. Essentially, Instacart is looking at ways to speed up its delivery operations. This mobile app […]
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Macy’s to add mobile checkout to all stores by year’s end

“The company is also adding an augmented reality shopping experience for furniture to the Macy’s app, hitting phones as early as next month for some shoppers. With the upgrade, customers will be able to virtually place Macy’s furniture within their own living spaces, seeing how it looks there before they buy.”


Spar Netherlands opens first cashless store

“Called ‘Skippen’, or Skipping in English, the new concept enables students who download the accompanying app to purchase goods in-store without having to queue for a cash register. Shoppers simply scan items into their shopping cart via a QR code, before completing the payment with Tikkie – ABN AMRO’s online payment solution. “