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Braintree launches Extend to integrate loyalty, fraud prevention and other services into payments

“Braintree, the division of PayPal that provides payment services to e-commerce and other online businesses, is making its latest move to help raise its game against competitors like Stripe. It is launching a new solution called Extend, a set of tools to integrate Braintree  payments more closely and easily with other services that online companies are using […]
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With Fast-Growing Fintechs Taking a Toll, Banks Will Soon Claim Less Than 50% of Payments Revenue

“In 2017, U.S. banks’ total payments revenue netted out to $163 billion, with nonbanks claiming revenue of $136 billion, according to the research released recently by Accenture Payments. That already meant nonbanks ranging from the likes of Apple Pay, PayPal, and Square to less well-known players claimed a 45% share of revenue last year.”

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Gap Inc. Selects Adyen As Payments Partner

“Adyen’s payment technology will be rolled out in over 150 stores across four countries – UK, France, Italy and Ireland – and will enable Gap Inc. to provide a consistent experience across different markets. The online business for both Gap and Banana Republic will also use the payments platform, offering a unified experience across online and in-store.”