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PayPal, Intuit & Square approved to offer loans to small businesses through coronavirus relief program

“Fintech companies have been lobbying for weeks to be able to participate in the U.S. government’s emergency lending program for small businesses. Now those efforts have paid off, as PayPal, Intuit and Square have all been approved to participate in the U.S. Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Paycheck Protection Program , which provides aid in the form […]
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PruPay Launches Touchless Payments for True Touch-Free Buying With Tipping, Optional Fees and a Feature to Pay It Forward

“PruPay, a Denver-based payments technology company, is working with PayPal to develop and launch a simpler way for merchants to request one-time payments from consumers via text messaging. While paying via text is already widely available from several providers, PruPay’s technology lab was able to add a few simple tools that help both merchants and consumers […]
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PayPal Now Available on

“PayPal is now available as a new payment option on as more Canadians shop online for groceries and essentials than ever before, according to new research. Choosing PayPal during checkout means Canadians have the flexibility of paying for their purchase with their bank account, Visa Debit card, or credit card linked to their PayPal account […]