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F5 Networks Will Acquire Shape Security for $1 Billion to Bolster Online Fraud Protection Services

“F5 Networks will pay approximately $1 billion to acquire Shape Security , a Santa Clara, Calif.-based company that sells a fraud prevention platform to banks, airlines, retailers, government agencies, and more. The acquisition, announced Thursday, will help F5 bolster its application protection services. It’s the largest acquisition to date for Seattle-based F5, which paid $670 […]

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Whitepages Pro Spins Off and Becomes Ekata

“Whitepages Pro, the leader in global digital identity verification data, today announced that it is spinning off its B2B business from the US-focused direct-to-consumer operations of Whitepages Pro will change its name to Ekata to better differentiate the company’s global B2B APIs and SaaS tool that serve the growing worldwide need for identity verification, […]