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Zimbabwe is pushing for mobile money interoperability as its cash problems linger

“Zimbabwe could become one of Africa’s early adopters of full interoperability in the mobile money sector if the government is to have its way. President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s new administration is switching its focus to digital payment alternatives as the cash and liquidity shortages that have bedeviled the country for the last few years continue. The economy had […]


Zimbabwe: Ecocash Steers Zimbabwe Closer to Total Financial Inclusion

“Standard Chartered Bank Zimbabwe has re-activated ‘Swipe Into EcoCash’, a feature that allows Ecocash customers who bank with StanChart reactivates ‘Swipe into EcoCash’ The emergency of mobile money platforms headlined by EcoCash, OneMoney and Telecash- in order of market share has turned tables on banks as the mobile network operators took centre stage in driving […]
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Zimbabwe Suspends Stock Exchange, Mobile Payments Over ‘Economic Sabotage’

“Zimbabwe on Friday suspended trade on the stock exchange and mobile phone-based payments to address what President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government called “criminality and economic sabotage.” The decision to suspend mobile payments will hit the economy hard as more than 80% of all transactions are conducted on phones due to a shortage of banknotes, according to […]